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Published by: Randy Ottmann on 13-Jul-13
Why I chose PureLeverage over EmpowerNetwork

My name is Randy Ottmann and I’ve been involved with IM for the past few years, starting off with a couple of safelists and generally getting used to learning and using as many tricks of the trade that time has allowed me, while working as an operating engineer.

Over the last few years I have researched a number of high end ticket MLM opportunities and have joined some of them to find out the nitty gritty that lies within them and how they ultimately function from the let’s say, starter positions.

I wasn’t looking for multiple income streams as many of the funnels out there are now configuring themselves, since I knew I wasn’t in a position to be able to afford the initial layout of joining what might be two or three high priced memberships.

I was looking for something that I felt would suit my budget and the time I had available to focus on that one particular business. I eventually opted to try out two systems, to later determine which was going to be my chosen affiliation.

The two companies I decided on were Empower Network and PureLeverage and after careful deliberation and in depth research, I went for PureLeverage. I leaned this way, but is in no way intended to slam Empower Network as I think it is a great marketing opportunity for anyone who can afford it and is prepared to go all in.

In fact, the PureLeverage system does exactly what it says on the label. It can drive a flood of targeted traffic not only into the PureLeverage funnel, but also into Empower Network or any other business or program that you are affiliated with.

Please take a moment to look over PureLeverage. The owner and CEO, Joel Therien, really has made setting up very simple with full instructional videos so you can get your business off to a flying start.

Randy :)

 Check it out :

~> Pure Leverage


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